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Protech Monte-Carlo Toronto

Protech Monte-Carlo

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With the passion to provide premium aesthetic car care services, ProTech® Monte-Carlo Toronto opened its doors in May 2017 as the first North American franchise and a true at heart iteration of ‘Spa for Cars’. Providing innovative – top notch services on a global foot print, Protech® Monte-Carlo is based in Monaco. Their facility here in Toronto translates the vision of bringing a standard to the industry and delivering cutting edge products and services through its state of the art facility dedicated entirely to car enthusiast community and everything aesthetic car care, where each detail is meticulously tailor fit to customers’ discreet standards. Stepping into the facility, one is over whelmed with the level of custom details; from carbon fiber designed walls to the Rotto symmetric Illumination system developed in Milan, Italy capable of highlighting miniscule imperfections in automotive paint surfaces to performing treatments in laboratory like conditions

Dedicated areas are set-up with complete range of specialty equipment to ensure precision. Services are performed in a controlled environment by certified technicians while customers enjoy a relaxing massage and an exquisite cup of espresso watching their vehicle undergoing the treatment on dedicated displays, live from the enthusiast’s lounge.